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Brand Identity

The Data Privacy Group

Branding the Data Privacy Group was a complex and engaging challenge involving strategy, research, creativity and structural hierarchy.


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Data Privacy Group Logo
Data Privacy Group Logo Data Privacy Group Compleye Logos

The Data Privacy Group approached Pink Sky whilst searching for how to best position and communicate their brand. They were specifically looking to place themselves within a market that is increasingly affected by the complex global requirements of data privacy laws.

We carried out a brand audit to discover where there were communication and visual presentation gaps in the company profile. This was followed by a brand positioning piece that identified company vision, values and objectives, as well as defining the company hierarchy and structure. The result of this exercise was a company rebrand. This consisted of a new overall identity (The Data Privacy Group), and three product suite sub-brands; Compleye Europe, Compleye USA and Compleye Global. The name Compleye was devised by Pink Sky as a ‘portmanteau word’ from the company descriptor: “your eye on data compliance”.

Data Privacy Group Instagram
Data Privacy Group Instagram

The main logo was created with nine dots in a square to reflect a keypad (strongly associated with security and privacy). The aim was to have a clean and modern image across the company branding. Next a large variety of icons were created, to illustrate the different areas of their website. For example, we included a padlock, a lightbulb, a clock and briefcase - all creatively chosen to relate loosely to data protection and also to enable them to be used in a range of ways across their online platform. Punchy USPs were also created to be included in documents, presentations and social media.

Data Privacy Group Infographic
Data Privacy Group Infographic

“Some of the best money we have ever spent as The Data Privacy Group was to get our branding done with you guys. It really has made an enormous difference.”

Peter Borner, CEO at the Data Privacy Group

Data Privacy Group Font Selection
Data Privacy Group Font Selection