Reuse-a-Pac is an environmentally friendly organisation that is working to drastically reduce the tonnes of packing used every year to protect and transport millions of items. They are reducing packaging costs for companies by using their reusable packing bags that meet practical needs while also providing attractive presentation of the delivery.

It was important to consider and convey the green, eco-friendly nature of the organisation. So the brand style was designed to be clean, simple and modern. This is reflected in the choice of design, font and colour.  The logo is made up of a globe and two circular arrows depicting movement of products and transport logistics. The globe is encased to symbolise protection of the earth and the importance of keeping it safe. These aspects come together to produce a logo that visually conveys an eco-friendly identity connected to transport and movement. All while keeping within the clean, simple and modern brand style.

The website ( has been developed out of this brand style using the green and navy theme. The clean, easy to navigate template highlights all the necessary information for interested parties and clear, distinctive images indicate the types of products that Reuse-a-Pac might be purchased for. The green and navy colours are used on a white background to break up the text and highlight different sections of information as per the menu links. Text is displayed clearly and simply, getting over vital information quickly. The font is also clean and without embellishment, again, reflecting the brand.

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