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Picota Cherries

The Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy commissioned Pink Sky to run a marketing campaign to promote its Picota cherry, which is awarded European Protected Designation of Origin status.


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Picota Cherries Weston-Super-Mare
Picota Cherries Weston-Super-Mare

Picota Cherries Summer

The Picota cherry has a short season of just six weeks per year, so we had the challenge of building anticipation of the season, as well as promoting the fruit throughout. We used a variety of promotional methods throughout the campaign to communicate the Picota story, and also worked with animation agency Young to produce a short video detailing the journey of ‘Pico the Picota’ - a cherry character who tours the UK for six weeks a year.

The two campaigns were incredibly successful, with sales reaching a record high across multiple supermarkets.

We were privileged to visit the beautiful Valle del Jerte a number of times, to learn the story of how families join together to tend their terraced gardens that adorn the mountainsides. Cherry trees cover the mountains, and there is a beautiful blossom festival each year. Each family owns a bit of land and tends to their trees, harvesting a crop of Picota cherries each year that are delivered to various depots with a barcode to identify each individual for payment. From the depots the cherries are taken to a packhorse where they are washed, graded, sorted and packed for European retail.

Picota Cherries Events
Picota Cherries Events

“Naomi was in charge of the Picota Cherry marketing campaign for the UK market and worked closely with us at the London office of ICEX Spain Trade & Investment. Pink Sky delivered what the brief asked for with considerable imagination, particularly on the graphics side, which is their strong suit of course. Always very receptive to our thoughts too and very good on social media execution. It was a delight to work with them and Naomi made things easy.”

Jorge Postigo, Head of Department, ICEX

Picota Cherries Web Site
Picota Cherries Web Site