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Branding Kenyan rose farms 

Lamorna is a rose farm in Kenya, supplying a beautiful range of cut flowers to supermarkets and auctions around the world. Located in the Naivasha region, it is not uncommon for monkeys and giraffes to visit and inspect the progress of the dedicated farm workers. With some impressive staff development programmes and continuous investment in the improvement of farming processes, it is no surprise that Lamorna is growing quickly. We at Pink Sky were asked to create a brand for Lamorna that created a clean, but vibrant identity.

Working around the concept of a rose bud, we decided to look at the use of really bold, clashing colours. When you look at flowers growing in a field there is no such thing as a clash of colours and colour is also such a prominent feature of Kenyan culture. The owner of Lamorna is also an avid tennis fan, so the primary identity colours were based around the bright pink and yellow used on one famous tennis player’s team kit for the year. We have also designed a website for the company to give it both a public and industry-facing presence online.

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