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We designed a grower-driven campaign that interacts with customers on multiple levels to tell them about the best fruit in season. One of our biggest successes is the collaboration between suppliers in a new bid to see the fruit category flourish as a whole, as they support each other. Working in close conjunction with Marks & Spencer, Adventures in Fruit meets customers at shows, tasting events, press events, through blogging, social media, competitions, recipe generation, media coverage, bespoke promotional activities and celebrity interaction. We developed the branding to give Adventures in Fruit it's own look and style, while ensuring it stayed within the Marks & Spencer brand.

There is a sizeable problem in the fruit industry linked to the lack of varietal and seasonal knowledge among consumers. If a customer eats a bad strawberry, they may write off the fruit altogether and when expensive cherries are sold alongside inexpensive bananas, people often feel that cherries are 'expensive'. Our broader strategy is to help consumers be more involved with what they eat. Shopping knowledgeably helps retailers, farmers, suppliers and customers. It also raises the standard of fruit production as consumers become more discerning and expectations are raised.

The campaign was tailored to find the best promotional avenues for raising awareness of the fruit available in stores. This year these included shows like BBC Good Food Shows, BBC Countryfile Live, This Morning Live and Fare Healthy. Having a presence at big and small shows was important in order to allow people to taste the fruit and see how high the quality is.

Each show presence was tailored to the event and would have an element to it that attracted people to the stall. These included features like; a coconut shy, smoothie bikes, celebrity attendance, tasting opportunities, recipe cards and competitions. We attended a wide variety of events to ensure awareness was raised across a wide demographic.

We also organised exclusive events for specific suppliers, focusing on one particular fruit or fruits. These events might include meals prepared with the chosen fruit and recipes for bloggers to make and then blog about. Using celebrities, live demonstrations and tasty meals we were able to further encourage people to try and buy the fruit Marks and Spencers has to offer.

All events and shows were accompanied with a strong social media presence and guests and consumers were encouraged to use hashtags or tag Adventures in Fruit in any social media posted.

Collecting honest customer feedback is a very important part of our events and promotions. Ultimately we can help influence sales of the product by collecting people's responses to the taste of the fruit and feeding that back to Marks and Spencers. This is essential data that can assist Marks and Spencer with assessing how the fruit is received by consumers in an anonymous way.

After every event we provide a full Adventures in Fruit report to Marks and Spencer. These reports would include details of the event, elements used on the stand, social media response, images of the events and consumer feedback.

Pink Sky provides the majority of the photography, imagery, videos and design for Adventures in Fruit. We create the content and the copy to ensure that our work is bespoke specifically for Adventures in Fruit.

We also write and provide consumers with recipe cards using the Marks and Spencers products we're promoting. These are used at events or handed out to consumers. Each recipe card is designed by us to ensure it carries the Adventures in Fruit branding.

The recipes are also put on the Adventures in Fruit website, which contains a database of recipes for customers to try:

If an event had catering that was provided using the fruit we were promoting, we would produce a book of the recipes. These would then be given to guests with a goodie bag at the end of the event for them to take home with them.

Branding is a part of everything we do and so we ensure that this is carried across everything we produce for our clients. All Adventures in Fruit documents and promotional material was designed and branded by our in-house designers.

The branding doesn't stop with printed materials, we also produced a website and matching social media accounts to give Adventures in Fruit a permanent presence online as well at shows and events.

Over the past few years we have taken Marks and Spencer fruit to the public with many shows, sampling events, successful press launches (a Thai theme in London, an apple and pear theme in an orchard in Kent and a Rainier Cherry event at the American Ambassador's in Kensington), social media campaigns, competitions, recipe creation, blogs, consumer insight, celebrity sampling, websites, videos, an inter-supplier 'Monster Race', and even sent apples up on an aeroplane with wingwalkers. We also sent a fig into space which generated a reach of 400,000 people ( All of our campaigns have been carried out by our own staff and contractors. We have also used these opportunities to raise money for charity and supply surplus fruit to schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters and food banks.

All in all it's been a great adventure so far.

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