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Marks & Spencer

Pink Sky was commissioned to do a large piece of research on the M&S potato category, followed by a complete redesign and restructure of the potato category and its packaging.


Graphic Design
Market Research
Packaging Design
POS Material

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Marks & Spencer Packaging

Marks & Spencer Packaging

Marks & Spencer Shelf Concept
Marks & Spencer Shelf Concept

After a large research project we discovered that the biggest requirement was to know, at speed, which potatoes people should buy for any particular purpose. This resulted in us dividing the varieties into categories with a new branded device called “Best for” or “Perfect for”. This enables the customer to choose varieties they might not have tried before, knowing that the chosen pack will successfully serve its intended purpose.

Marks & Spencer Labels

After categorising the potatoes according to purpose, we also designed a range of stickers that could identify other functions such as country of origin, cooking time and method, and special varieties. Adding strips of colour helped identify the different product types, and using a range of symbols and identifiers helped customers to know what they were purchasing.

Marks & Spencer Packaging
Marks & Spencer Packaging

“The pack mock-ups look incredible and really bring the artwork to life. You can see here how amazing they look.”

Gary English, Manor Fresh