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Marks & Spencer

Working in close conjunction with Marks & Spencer, Adventures in Fruit meets customers at shows, tasting events, press events, through blogging, social media, competitions, recipe generation, media coverage, bespoke promotional activities and celebrity interaction. We developed the branding to give Adventures in Fruit its own look and style, while ensuring it stayed within the Marks & Spencer brand.


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Marks & Spencer Adventures in Produce Web Site
Marks & Spencer Adventures in Produce Web Site
Marks & Spencer Logos

We designed a grower-driven campaign that interacts with customers on multiple levels to tell them about the best fruit in season. One of our biggest successes is the collaboration between suppliers in a new bid to see the fruit category flourish as a whole, as they support each other.

There is a sizeable problem in the fruit industry linked to the lack of varietal and seasonal knowledge among consumers. If a customer eats a bad strawberry, they may write off the fruit altogether and when expensive cherries are sold alongside inexpensive bananas, people often feel that cherries are ‘expensive’. Our broader strategy is to help consumers be more involved with what they eat. Shopping knowledgeably helps retailers, farmers, suppliers and customers. It also raises the standard of fruit production as consumers become more discerning and expectations are raised.

Marks & Spencer Photos
Marks & Spencer Photos

The campaign was tailored to find the best promotional avenues for raising awareness of the fruit available in stores. This included shows like BBC Good Food Shows, BBC Countryfile Live, This Morning Live and Fare Healthy. Having a presence at big and small shows was important in order to allow people to taste the fruit and see how high the quality is.

Each show presence was tailored to the event and would have an element to it that attracted people to the stall. These included features like; a coconut shy, smoothie bikes, celebrity attendance, tasting opportunities, recipe cards and competitions. We attended a wide variety of events to ensure awareness was raised across a wide demographic.

“An excellent team, who are incredibly creative and enthusiastic to work with. Pink Sky always come up with innovative ideas to promote our fruit!”

Hannah McIlfatrick, Worldwide Fruit