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Fundraising Jobs

Fundraising jobs was set up by renowned recruitment specialists Polly Symondson and Steve Brackley. With years of experience within the fundraising sector they spotted a gap in the market for an ethical and affordable recruitment process.


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Fundraising Jobs Web Site

Fundraising Jobs Web Site

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Fundraising Jobs Business Card (Front)
Fundraising Jobs Business Card (Front)

The brief for this project was to create a bright and engaging brand that captured the essence of charity recruitment and a meaningful career. With the aim of attracting the right candidates and communicating the fulfilment that comes from a career choice that makes a difference, Pink Sky used bold colours and phrases to capture the imagination of charities and their potential candidates. Offering a range of colour ways, phrases and graphics, Pink Sky built a system on the website whereby charities could easily create bold and eye-catching job adverts from within their own account. With a low advertising fee, this is an attractive option for job listings. The feedback has been universally positive and we know that Polly and Steve will do a tremendous job due to their wonderful personalities and ethical outlook.

Fundraising Jobs Mobile Web Site

Fundraising Jobs Mobile Web Site

We love the vibrancy and energy in this project, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Fundraising Jobs. We look forward to an ongoing relationship as they grow and develop, and wish them every success now and in the future.

Fundraising Jobs - It's not ALL about us

“Thank you for being the BEST team to work with!! Pink Sky totally got what we wanted to achieve and made it a beautiful reality. You guys rock! As does our fabulous job board…”

Polly Symondson, Fundraising Jobs

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