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Graphic Design

Embellish Interiors

Embellish Interiors provides an excellent service in which it works closely with clients to rejuvenate the interior design in their homes. Emily’s personal approach means she takes the time to really capture who the client is and how their personality can be reflected in her style suggestions. Emily approached Pink Sky looking for a brand identity that truly reflects who she is and what she does.


Printed Material

Embellish Interiors
Embellish Interiors

This responsive identity works in several forms to suit a variety of applications, making it versatile and memorable.

We created a bespoke pattern to be used as a part of the Embellish brand, working with colours, elements and patterns that Emily associates with her own identity and stylistic influences.

Embellish Interiors - Letter Heading

The Embellish roll-out has been wonderful to work on, and we can’t wait to see where Emily takes it next!

Embellish Interiors - Illustration

Embellish Interiors
Embellish Interiors

They understood me, my business and what I'm trying to achieve. From that they were able to successfully reflect my personality and my business in the designs they created.

Emily Burns-Preston, Embellish Interiors