Cheltenham Martial Arts

Bringing a brand to life

Cheltenham Martial Arts is a family academy in the heart of Cheltenham. Teaching “Maarlisk” (martial arts with life skills) to both children and adults, and also running a pioneering fitness kickboxing programme, this is a popular and busy academy. Establishing a brand that would work across all disciplines and all age ranges and work for both a male and female audience was going to be a challenge, but we managed to capture the essence of what the academy was all about, in its identity. The logo is loosely based on the Japanese koi carp, which often represents overcoming adversity (there are many stories about the Koi fish swimming against currents), strength of character and success that comes from perseverance. This seemed like the perfect description of what martial arts can do for the individual, many of whom arrive at the academy with a personal goal, whether it is because they have been bullied at school, would like to lose weight, would like to learn something new, or would like to achieve a black belt.

Once we had established the identity, we rolled it out across uniforms, window graphics, printed literature, posters, children’s ‘ninja’ characters, a range of fashion clothing, merchandise, photography, film and team kit.

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