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Bonny Blossoms

Bonny Blossoms is the Play and Creative Arts Therapy business of Rachel Bonny, who is based in Gloucestershire. Play therapy is a vital service that aids childhood development and mental health where children may struggle to process emotions articulate their feelings. Play methods are used to observe a child's problems, to understand traumas, to address inappropriate behaviours and to help to develop coping mechanisms.


Graphic Design
Printed Material

Bonny Blossoms Logo
Bonny Blossoms Logo Bonny Blossoms Business Card Bonny Blossoms Appointment Card
Bonny Blossoms Appointment Card

The brief for this project was to design a brand for Rachel Bonny using her name in some form. We liked the idea of 'Blossoms' as a sign of beauty after the Winter, new life, hope, and greater things to come. The identity is designed to be colourful and playful, but not childish. Using a variety of illustrated elements to represent the breadth of what play therapy can offer, we created a diverse identity of possibilities, with graphics that can be used for many different functions. We chose calmer shades of bright colours and the patterns carry across all of Rachel's graphics and printed materials. We absolutely loved working on this Good Sky Day project!

Bonny Blossoms Circular Logo
Bonny Blossoms Circular Logo

We are really excited to see Rachel's business flourish. It has great vision and values, and offers a much-needed service for children and young people to help them access the support they need.

Illustrated flowers
Illustrated flowers

“Throughout the process, the Pink Sky team was highly professional, efficient, enthusiastic and helpful, guiding me through the various stages, producing a number of different options before together we arrived at the final design which I am so delighted with.”

Rachel Bonny