Ali Mayes Bookkeeping

"Bookkeeping in Cheltenham, like bookkeeping anywhere, isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it is my passion - which is why I’ve made it my career. I love bringing order to chaos, particularly when it starts with your bag of unsorted business paperwork, receipts and invoices."

We have the pleasure and privilege of working with Ali, not only with her bookkeeping skills, but also with the branding of her company.

We recently rebranded Ali's company with a fresh new logo, website, compliment slips and business cards.

The bright fresh colours represent Ali's vibrant personality and her love of creating order from chaos. The bold choices of orange and pink, accented with blue and green create a pleasing visual aspect to the company that stands out from competitors.

Ali's website ( puts the fun into finance and encourages people in an area that can be daunting and confusing. It's simple and easy layout and navigation convey a message of trust, that your finances are in safe hands with Ali.

We think this new brand is a perfect match for the lovely Ali who is passionate, professional and very personal to work with.  If you've got a big bag of receipts that need sorting, if bookkeeping just makes you want to run for the hills, if Payroll and VAT fill your nightmares, then we can definitely recommend a lady to help you.

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