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COVID-19 Contingency Statement

11th March 2020

We're still here for you, just in a slightly different way...

A Rainy Walk In Blewbury

1st September 2020

Our latest walk was in the little town of Blewbury, a historic location dating back to at least 944AD, although there is evidence of settlement up to 1000 years before that.

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co.

13th August 2020

A favourite annual trip for photographers, families and anyone who enjoys flowers is the flower field of The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, a spectacle that can only be seen for a fortnight each year.

The Windrush Path And Mosaic Trail

4th August 2020

"Art Underfoot is a Standlake based community enterprise committed to involving young and old in an exciting variety of artistic projects centred on the creation of mosaics from recycled materials" - Art Underfoot

Where They Queued For Sweets: A Wander In Wallingford

6th July 2020

During our latest explorations Billy, Albert and I ventured out to the town of Wallingford. Wallingford has a rich Saxon history and beautiful 'castle gardens' that once formed part of an impressive citadel.

Field Studies: Neptune Wood

12th June 2020

As part of my current studies I am investigating plant and species diversity through visual representation, to challenge the way in which scientific and botanical images of plant studies often show individual species, but don't always delve very far into habitats and systems, which are crucial to the understanding of nurturing ecosystems and helping the natural environment thrive.

World Oceans Day

8th June 2020

What if you could prevent billions of plastic bottles from entering the oceans in the first place? Prevented Ocean Plastic is the largest program of its kind, preventing over 1,000 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean every month, and World Oceans Day is the ideal opportunity to consider making the right changes in order to make plastic its own resource.

Where Roses Covered Cottages: A Walk In North And South Moreton

19th May 2020

Billy, Albert and I continued our travels by walking through the sleepy villages of North Moreton and South Moreton. These ancient villages are lined with beautiful thatched cottages, and are full of history. 

Where The Flowers Bloomed: A Walk In Clifton Hampden

14th May 2020

Yesterday Billy, Albert and I found ourselves walking in the pretty little village of Clifton Hampden. This is a very old village with houses dating back to the 16th and 17th Centuries that are still standing.

Interview With Ingvar Högni Ragnarsson

7th May 2020

Born in Reykjavik, Ingvar Högni Ragnarsson graduated from The Icelandic Academy of Visual Art in 2007.

Crust Pizzalab Opens Today!

24th April 2020

We would like to wish our clients at Crust Pizzalab a very happy opening day! It was a pleasure to create the branding for this pizza restaurant in Malmö, which hopes to open many more branches over the next five years.

Cotswold Scrubs: Helping The NHS

24th April 2020

There is an enormous shortage of PPE for NHS workers, as they battle the daily challenges of Coronavirus. There is a particular need for scrubs, and bags to wash them in so that no contact needs to be made with the clothing when taken home to wash.

Coronavirus Business Trajectory - Update

23rd April 2020

Exactly one month after creating our Coronavirus Business Trajectory predictions, we have decided to review the document to see how things are progressing, and the results have been really interesting.

Where The Light Shines: A Walk In Sutton Courtenay

12th April 2020

As Easter was approaching with the world still in lockdown, I found taking my daily walk with Billy and Albert in the village of Sutton Courtenay.

When The World Slowed Down: A Walk In East Hagbourne

6th April 2020

I have been trying to think about how to document this strange time, by creating some sort of journal.

Remaining Financially Engaged (webinar Notes)

25th March 2020

In this time of transition and change, we are reaching for the advice of others to see if it can guide us.

Surviving Working From Home

25th March 2020

These are challenging times, and are such that most of us have never experienced before. If we're not careful it can be easy to feel that the future is bleak and that there is no end in sight. By making a few simple adjustments to our working routines, and by forming new habits, the new self-isolation and social-distancing measures can be things that not only do we learn to cope with, but also use to improve how we do things.

Design For A More Sustainable Future

23rd March 2020

At Pink Sky we are all very passionate about bringing change to design and packaging.

Coronavirus Business Trajectory

20th March 2020

We have put together this resource to help small businesses navigate what is undoubtedly a very unusual time.

An Interview With Rán Flygenring, Illustrator

17th March 2020

I spoke with Rán Flygenring, an illustrator from Reykjavik.

20 Top Places To Visit In Iceland

5th March 2020

I recently had the privilege of travelling to Iceland for a holiday, spending eight days marvelling at the wonders of nature and its capricious tendencies.

15 Questions For Our New Senior Designer

25th February 2020

We have recently welcomed a lovely new Senior Designer into our studio. Meet Hattie!

Designing ‘Crust Pizza Lab’

19th February 2020

The initial brief for this project was to design a brand for a modern pizza restaurant, with a fresh feel based on local ingredients.

‘Our Favourite Printmakers’ - Chapel Arts Exhibition

19th February 2020

This was a really interesting exhibition as it showed the versatility and vibrancy of printmaking. The variety of artists’ work displayed how many different processes there are in the art, and how many different outcomes one might find.

‘Food: Bigger Than The Plate’ Features In Eurofruit

28th January 2020

Naomi was commissioned to write an article on her visit to an exhibition at the V&A titled “Food Bigger Than The Plate”.

Farewell To Vicky

28th January 2020

After two-and-a-half years our Senior designer Vicky is moving on to new pastures.

The Global Tomato Congress

24th January 2020

2019 saw the first ever Global Tomato Congress, hosted in Rotterdam.

Update On Distilled Spirits Council Of The US

24th January 2020

After an exciting start to the DISCUS campaign, things continued in this stead.

Top 10 Podcasts We Are Listening To In The Studio

16th January 2020

We like to encourage staff to listen to podcasts as part of personal training and development. 

Soho Sandwich Co Does Veganuary

14th January 2020

Veganuary has been gaining popularity since its launch in 2014. The basic idea behind it is to get people to pledge to go vegan for the month of January.

Fundraising Jobs Seeks To Make A Difference

8th January 2020

Polly Symondson has been in recruitment for many years, making a difference. Alongside her husband, she became keen to set up a new approach to charity work. This launched from a passion to improve the process and engage a larger number of people more effectively. They brought their proposal to Pink Sky because they liked the ethos of the business and felt we would work well together in launching their vision.