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From The Sketchbook: In Bruges

26th December 2018

Those of you who follow our blog will know that we have been going 'back to the drawing board', and trying to train ourselves in handmade content in order to produce something really special and different for our clients.

Street Photography In Cheltenham

1st December 2018

Recently a couple of us went out to try to capture some street photography in Cheltenham, at night. We had a lot of fun trying to look for interesting ways to capture life in Cheltenham, but not as we would normally see it.

Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative Exhibition, Chapel Arts Centre

4th November 2018

Over the past few months, Pink Sky has been looking back to the roots of illustrative design, and printmaking in particular. So when this exhibition opened in the tranquil but stylish Chapel Arts Centre near St Gregory’s Church, we knew it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Mudwalls Farm Food-To-Go

23rd October 2018

The deliciously earthy sounding Mudwalls food brand is bound to conjure up the flavour of fresh, wholesome produce. In fact, Mudwalls is a thriving family farming community in Warwickshire, where for the last 30 years they have grown and supplied quality fruit and vegetables to the UK market.

Communist Poster Art

19th October 2018

Art historian Mary Ginsberg has compiled Communist Posters, a lavish book on the history and production of Communist propaganda posters from the Revolution to the end of the Cold War and beyond.

John Lewis Opens In Cheltenham

18th October 2018

Hot on the heels of the Cheltenham Literature Festival tents being packed away, middle-class Cheltonians everywhere grabbed their purses once again this week for a long awaited addition to the high street.

Learning Silk Screen Print

9th October 2018

Yesterday the design team at Pink Sky had a real treat. We have been thinking a lot in our team meetings lately about the need to bring more hand-made graphics into what we do (we will post more about that later).

Portrait Photography At Baking, Making & Shaking WI

18th September 2018

Earlier this month Hywel received an important call from the Vice President at the Baking, Making & Shaking WI in Bishop's Cleeve...

10 Trends In European Fresh Produce Retail

9th September 2018

Naomi was recently invited by Greenfood to speak at their annual launch conference in Scandinavia on the subject of retail trends in fresh produce across Europe. 

Ride With Mike - Cheltenham To Malta

28th August 2018

At Pink Sky, we've long held the view that when we can use our skills to help the wider community, we should use those skills to effect change. This belief is within all of us at Pink Sky, and the opportunity to contribute 20% of our time benefits us all: we improve our skills, broaden our knowledge, see the world from different perspectives, and we make new friends.

Skyscraper (The Bruges Whale)

13th July 2018

The story of Skyscraper is one of Kickstarter's triumphs. Currently Bruges is celebrating 'Triennial', which is "Impressive constructions by contemporary artists and architects worldwide will appear in the historic city centre from 5 May to 16 September 2018.

Do Marriage Well

11th July 2018

Over the last couple of months we've had the privilege of working with Steve and Christine Hughes to develop a brand for their work helping couples with their marriages. Steve and Christine have been married for 37 years and are passionate about drawing alongside married couples to deepen and, if necessary, repair their marriages.

The Langton In Cheltenham Undergoes Refurbishment

15th May 2018

Recently I was privileged to be invited to the grand re-opening of The Langton, a relaxed bar and dining experience in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. I have been visiting The Langton for many years, both for business and for pleasure.

I Am Jorge Rea

29th April 2018

My name is Jorge and I am doing my internship at Pink Sky for 3 months. I am from Cáceres, a lovely town located in the west of Spain. It is my hometown since I grew up there, somehow thanks to that I am the person I am now.

Outsourcing Your Social Media

23rd April 2018

You might be aware that you don't do enough social media, or any at all, but you're also thinking you don't have the time or knowledge to do anything else right now.

Launching E-DROP, Sweden

11th April 2018

We recently had the pleasure of creating a completely new brand for a start-up company called E-drop. As part of a bigger organisation, E-Drop was developed from scratch to offer a much needed service in the world of online shopping and delivery solutions.

Branding For The Twinkle Candle Company, USA

28th March 2018

Twinkle Candle Company is based in America and handmake soy candles and body products. Their products don't involve any animal testing and only contain high quality ingredients, they are also all vegan friendly with no Phlalate or Parabens used.

Top 20 Trade Show Tips

28th March 2018

At Pink Sky we attend many trade shows each year, either for, or with our clients, and we're becoming quite the pros at shows. Obviously we love to help design and staff stands but never let it be said that we can't offer some practical guidance too. So we've put together our Top 20 Trade Tips, or T2TST if you will. These are things to help promote your brand, or your client, while also remembering all the important things you'll need at the show.

The Importance Of Copy

28th March 2018

Words form a basic part of everyday communication, but they also allow us to enjoy some of the more beautiful experiences on earth. Favourite songs, handwritten letters, declarations of love, requests for forgiveness, unknown languages, films, first words and of course, books. 

March Meet The Maker: Autumn Moon

28th March 2018

For some time now we have followed and admired the work of the very talented Autumn Moon. Sari's beautiful freehand embroidery gets more creative every time we see it, and we are huge fans.

Meet Stuart Rostron, Estate Planning Practitioner

27th March 2018

Recently we did some head shots for Stuart Rostron, an Estate planning Practitioner working with the Co-Op. Future security is a vital subject that many shy away from, but we have found Stuart to be friendly, knowledgable and approachable.

Zespri Marketing 2018

27th March 2018

We're really thrilled to be working with Zespri again this year and can see an exciting 2018 ahead. As well as a few other shows, we are particularly looking forward to representing Zespri at This Morning Live again.

Working With The Yellow Brick Road Consultancy

24th March 2018

We are delighted to be working with Philippa Gray this year to create a brand identity for her consultancy, The Yellow Brick Road. Philippa offers businesses a practical, solution-focused therapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). This is a very successful hybrid form of hypnotherapy using the Marisa Peer Method. 

Building A Berry Brand For The Online Market

22nd March 2018

Last week we were privileged to host a workshop at the Global Berry Congress in Rotterdam on the subject of building a berry brand for the online market. In Europe the sales of branded produce is on the rise, but the UK remains steadfastly resolute in its refusal to display product brands in fresh produce.

Placement Students: A Re-brand For Twix

22nd March 2018

We love having work experience and placement students with us in the studio. Young fresh ideas are beneficial in any office and we love the variety of ideas our students come up with.

Not Just A Potato

19th March 2018

Our ongoing working relationship with Marks & Spencer food just grew another shoot! As part of their three year category expansion plan we've been working with potatoes. They are literally everywhere in the office.

The Innovative Fresh Friday Funnies

14th March 2018

We would like to tke a moment to honour the comedic genius of the duo that is Hywel Jenkins and Claire Sandys, who work together to produce the Innovative Fresh 'Friday Funnies', which cause a bit of a stir on Instagram!

Branding For The Print Shop

7th March 2018

The Print Shop is an innovative business based in Wales, offering a diverse range of print services. They wanted to have the 'local printer' vibe, alongside a bold and engaging look, to attract customers.

Fond Farewells And New Horizons

27th February 2018

It is with immense pride and great sadness that we bid farewell to our two youngest staff members, Grace and Sarah. Our loss is going to be a great gain to two companies in Cheltenham who are taking on our superstars as they pursue their dreams further.

JBR Capital At The London Classic Car Show

26th February 2018

We were proud to once again support JBR Capital and their display at the London Classic Car Show following their first exhibition stand last year. The show has grown from strength to strength with attendance numbers rising from 25,000 in the first year to 40,000 people this year.

Working With Pink Palms

26th February 2018

Pink Sky is delighted to be working with Ashleigh Li, who is setting up a new wedding and events planning and styling business. Ashleigh is based in South West London, but the inspiration for her business plan lies in LA, where she lived for a while. Captivated by the most incredible pink Californian sunsets, Ashleigh is setting out to bring them home for you.

Swim22 - Swimming The Channel For Diabetes UK

26th February 2018

Pink Sky’s Managing Director has decided to take part in Swim22, a swimming challenge for Diabetes UK. Participants have to “Swim the English Channel” – or rather swim 22 miles (36 km) in their local pool, during the 12 weeks from 22nd February to 22nd May. Sponsorship is sought for Diabetes UK, but swimmers will also benefit from increased fitness levels.

Office Prime Supplies - Meet Matthew Dashper-Hughes

25th February 2018

We love an entrepreneur, and it has been a genuine pleasure to get to know Matthew Dashper-Hughes over the past few months in his new venture, Office Prime Supplies. Some of you might have come across Matthew in his previous role as Chief Operating Officer at Ryman, but he now runs his own office stationery and supplies company, coupled with expert advice on large and small-scale operations, and superb personalised customer service.

A New Website For Besana Group

22nd February 2018

Pink Sky is excited to be designing and building a brand new website for the Besana group, global supplier of dried fruit and nuts, and chocolate products to retail, wholesale and food service. Besana is a family-owned Italian business that was founded by Emilio Besana in 1921, which is now based in Italy and the UK, and known for incredible products and innovation. 

Branding Vision For Bangladesh

15th February 2018

We have loved working on a new project this year for a brand new charity called Vision for Bangladesh. This charity has been formed by Rachel Andrews, who has recently retired from her position of paediatric Ophthalmic Sister at West Suffolk Hospital's Eye Treatment Centre in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Filming With The James Hopkins Trust

8th February 2018

The James Hopkins Trust is a wonderful charity, that provides respite care and support for children with life-limiting illnesses across the whole of Gloucestershire. The trust began in 1989 and has helped over 500 children and their families.

Adventures In Produce 2018

7th February 2018

Over the past three years we have been working in collaboration with Marks & Spencer to promote seasonal fresh and dried fruit. The campaign which is currently known as Adventures in Fruit is all about raising awareness of fruit in season, which is available to purchase in Marks & Spencer.

We're Off To Fruit Logistica

30th January 2018

Fruit Logistica is fast approaching and we will soon be boarding the plane and heading to Berlin the the annual event. This event, held in the Messe, Berlin, brings together experts and pioneers of fresh produce from all over the world. This event is so vast, that you can be walking for miles to cover everything that the event has to offer. 

10 Great Examples Of Eco-Friendly Packaging

29th January 2018

In recent years product packaging has taken a shift towards more environmentally sustainable options. It's a big shift, and in my opinion the right shift, but it will take some years to move fully to sustainable solutions.

Working With White Swan Aesthetics

29th January 2018

We are really enjoying working with White Swan Aesthetics to develop their website into something that really represents the quality of their treatments and the excellent service that they pride themselves on.

The Impact A New Website Can Make

27th January 2018

Environmental issues are clearly at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment. Reuse-a-pac is a company that seeks to solve the increasing problem of home delivery for fragile and bulky items, such as sofas, white goods and electronic goods.

Pink Sky Charities

27th January 2018

At Pink Sky we are always keen to do our bit to help with fundraising. Recently, we decided to focus our efforts on supporting charities close to home that we feel very passionate about.

Looking Back: Fashion Trends 2017

23rd January 2018

The latter part of 2017 was filled with decadent fashions that moved straight from the catwalk into High Street stores. We have listed a few, and would love to know which you took part in!

Looking At Trends: Enamel Pin Badges

15th January 2018

These ‘old school’, quirky enamel pins have been making their comeback since 2015 and now they’re everywhere. Pins are such an easy way to add personality to an outfit at a low cost.

Dream Big And Live An Adventure

9th January 2018

Pink Sky is very excited to be sponsoring and working with Great Britain’s Para-athlete Mel Nicholls.  A truly inspiring woman that probably has more energy and drive than our whole office put together!

Looking Back: Interior Design Trends 2017

3rd January 2018

2017 was a great year for interior styling. Let’s have a look back at the year and see what it brought us in terms of styling and decor.