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The curious tales of the life and work of Pink Sky

Blowing Up Watermelons

30th December 2017

It all started with a brainstorming session to come up with an idea for a Pink Stunt. We love seeing other people's crazy stunts, so we took inspiration from a well-known one - blowing up a watermelon with elastic bands. Yes, you read that right, we hit a new level of crazy.

How To Turn Regular Flowers Into Christmas Flowers

18th December 2017

Have you ever wondered what makes flowers into "Christmas flowers" at this time of year? We have put together this handy guide so that you can make your very own "Christmas flowers" that any reputable retailer would be proud of. Just add glitter.

Brand Development For Nini Flowers

11th December 2017

Pink Sky loves working with Nini Flowers in Kenya, which is made up of Nini and Lamorna rose farms, near Naivasha. A number of years ago we branded Lamorna and Nini, working around a rose design that was split across the two identities in vibrant, clashing colours.

5 Common Mistakes Found When Proofreading

4th December 2017

Anyone who's worked with me knows two things:  1. I'm a detail person 2. I'm loyal to Twitter. 

25 Christmas Gifts To Buy A Graphic Designer

1st December 2017

We designers are like magpies when it comes to pretty things and clever gadgets. Do you have a designer in your life for whom you need to buy a Christmas gift? Let us help! We have rounded up 25 of the best Christmas gifts that we could find for designers, to help you on your way. 

Besana Launches Dried Fruit And Nut Range On Amazon

26th November 2017

We have recently been working with dried fruit and nut producer Besana, designing packaging and labelling for their brand new range on Amazon, which launched last week. With 43 product lines, Pink Sky worked closely with Besana in both the UK and in Italy to produce labels that would stand out online and on shelf. 

Market Insights: We Are Not Ready

23rd November 2017

The industrial revolution took 100 years, but now, thanks to technology, it seems like there is a new revolution every five minutes. The change happens, but the working out of its implications and possibilities still takes far longer.

Kiwi Berry Promotion For Nergi And M&S

15th November 2017

Fruit seems to always be at the centre at Pink Sky and our most recent promotional weekend was no different. The fruit in the limelight this time was kiwi berries.

A Brit And A Backpack

10th November 2017

This was a project that brought great excitement throughout the office. When Sarah-Jayne approached Pink Sky to create a brand for her travel blog we knew this would be a good one.

Sumo Citrus

8th November 2017

As part of our ongoing campaign, Adventures in Fruit, we have been promoting the unique Sumo citrus through various digital marketing methods, such as social media, website and marketing email.

Pittville Pets

3rd November 2017

We have recently had the pleasure of working with Pittville Pets in Cheltenham to create a new brand and marketing materials.

Kickstarting Jubáami Bars

1st November 2017

Jubáami energy bars are the first aztec energy bar made from Mexican blue corn. Each bar is made using healthy ingredients, such as chia seeds, amaranth and agave syrup. The Jubáami bars come in three flavours: berry, peanut, and chocolate, and all of them are vegan, gluten-free, free from refined sugar and kosher.

Working With Vinegar Hill

4th October 2017

Pink Sky is very excited to currently be working with Vinegar Hill on its marketing strategy.

Lucy Mary, Happiness Is Homemade

26th September 2017

We had a great time rebranding Lucy’s craft business. Lucy has a talented hand for creating beautifully personalised gifts for any occasion. From personalised bags and memory frames to beautiful paintings and cards for occasions.

A Trip To Wye Fruit Farm

14th September 2017

Last month we were invited to visit Wye farm in Ledbury with berry supplier, BerryWorld. We met BerryWorld Technologist, Victoria Eltringham to look at the progress of the Kiwi berry and strawberry crops for Marks and Spencer.

Cheltenham Paint Festival

12th September 2017

Despite ‘classic’ British weather that saw the public of Cheltenham take to the streets in shorts, flip-flops, rain coats and umbrellas, the Cheltenham Paint Festival managed to significantly brighten an otherwise fairly dismal weekend in our Cotswold town.

The Bag That Keeps On Giving

24th August 2017

This week we’ve had the privilege of working with a company called Reuse-a-Pac to develop a logo and website for their expanding business.

From A Garden In Kensington…

2nd August 2017

The evening of Tuesday 25th July unfolded in glorious sunshine. An impeccable garden in Kensington was transformed by an Oriental style pergola, decorated with cherry blossoms and hung with paper lanterns.

Trend Spot: Crafted Folk

24th June 2017

We feel very fortunate to have had intern Amy Cox with us for a couple of weeks here at Pink Sky. Amy is extremely proactive, with an excellent work ethic and is also hugely creative. Amy has just finished her second year of university and we asked her to create the first of our Pink Sky trend reports, on a theme of her choice.

A Very Pink Office

23rd June 2017

To celebrate National Pink Day we decided to put together a list of all the pink items in the office. Turns out we have some very unusual items....

Video Marketing

7th June 2017

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, enabling businesses to capture the attention of their audience in a few seconds. Having visually appealing and engaging videos can influence new and existing business.

Tulip Season In Amsterdam

12th May 2017

We are very fortunate to be doing some work in Amsterdam at the moment. For a long time, Naomi has had on her list of ambitions, to visit the tulip fields of Amsterdam.

Our Favourite Food Packaging

10th May 2017

Packaging is is an important part of marketing a product, as it is a way to get consumers to notice the product. Customers are always drawn to something that looks good.

Pink Sky Engages With Innovative Fresh

3rd May 2017

We are really excited to be working on an amazing new project with fresh produce quality monitoring company Innovative Fresh, which operates across seven European countries and fifty retailers to raise the fresh produce experience for consumers.

The Studio Of René Treumann

3rd May 2017

Hidden amongst the canals of Amsterdam is a charming little print shop, called Typique. It is the studio and creative cave of pressman René Treumann, who has been involved with letterpress and screen printing for 50 years.

I Am Pablo

13th April 2017

My name is Pablo Gallut Pérez and I’m from Santander in the north of Spain. I’m 22 years old I'm very curious, chilled, I am a foodie and a Taurus.

15 Architectural Beauties

12th April 2017

In honour of the 2017 Milan design week, we have rounded up 15 stunning yet somewhat overlooked buildings across the world. From NYC to India, the world is full of beautiful and interesting buildings.

Shades Of Green

21st March 2017

“A refreshing and revitalising shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.” After a pretty rocky 2016, I think this is a very relevant description for many to sum up 2017 so far, a new beginning. This is so clear to see in the trends of 2017 so far.

The Ultimate Office Playlist

17th March 2017

If there’s constant bickering over what radio station is played throughout your office, then look no further as we have compiled 100 perfect songs to suit anyone’s tastes and needs.

Water Bottles

11th March 2017

Water bottles are becoming very fashionable and can make quite a statement. Whether it’s to take to the gym or work, there is most definitely going to be a water bottle out there to suit everyone’s needs, so Grace has been having a look at what is on the market.

1000 Mile Challenge

7th March 2017

This year I (Naomi) am undertaking a 1000 mile challenge, courtesy of Virtual Run UK. It sounded like a great way to keep fit in mind and body when I signed up to it, whilst also being a great challenge. It was only when I stopped to do the maths, that I realised that this would mean running at least 31km per week, which can very quickly add up to many more kilometres if you go away and miss out on your running!

JBR Capital At London Classic Car Show

6th March 2017

It is always great to see our work out in the real world, particularly at an event as prestigious as the London Classic Car Show. JBR Capital offers “Tailored finance for luxury, classic & high performance cars”.

Handwerk Project

4th March 2017

Naomi has started a new 20% day project inspired by a trip to the Bauhaus, where she saw a series of approximately eight or nine photographs of the hands of artists. Inspired by the idea of portraiture just looking at hands, she devised a new photography project called “Handwerk” (which roughly translates as “craft”).

Fruit Logistica 2017: Trends And Challenges

4th March 2017

We recently visited Fruit Logistica in Berlin with the specific intention of delivering presentations, attending meetings, and examining the trends and challenges within the produce world at present.

A Visit To The Bauhaus Archiv

23rd February 2017

On a recent trip to Berlin it was a real treat to visit the Bauhaus Archiv, one of several centres around the world that commemorates the famous Bauhaus School of Art, Design and Architecture. Open between 1919 and 1933, this innovative collection of pioneering minds shaped much of design culture that we know today.

10 Wall Clocks

18th February 2017

Is it just us, or is it really difficult to find a really good wall clock? Finding a clock with beautiful design is no easy task and as they can be such a statement piece, it is very difficult to find the perfect addition to your wall space. Pink Sky has conducted extensive research on this subject and has come up with ten wall clocks with beautiful designs, to suit different budgets.

It's World Cat Day!

17th February 2017

It is no secret that cats are by far the best thing on the internet, and that whilst we all try so hard to find that latest design or marketing trend, the reality is that if you just add a cat to it, your likes and interactions will soar. Every day on social media seems to be a special kind of day and apparently today is no exception.

Makeup Mistakes We’ve All Made

16th February 2017

We’ve all had those days where we’re just not sure what we’re doing wrong with our makeup, whether it’s dark circles under the eyes or contouring is just simply wrong. We’ve all been there, but hopefully, these next tips will help banish those mistakes and help makeup application run smoother.

Original Unverpackt Berlin

11th February 2017

There have been a number of items that have been high on the agenda at Fruit Logistica this year, including sustainability, health and innovation. Today we visited Original Unverpackt in Berlin to check out a small store that is driving prices down by selling 'unpacked shopping'. This is a fascinating concept as it allows people to fill paper bags and jars with food, cosmetics, washing powder and all sorts of other products.

Battleships For Business

17th January 2017

How do you manage cashflow in a business and ensure that at all times you have jobs of differing sizes to serve different purposes? This is a constant battle within any business and the solution is never straightforward.

Meet Sarah

16th January 2017

Sarah has just started her Business Administration apprenticeship with us here at Pink Sky. We decided to ask her a few questions so that you could get to know her. We are looking forward to seeing how Sarah gets on during her first few weeks here at Pink Sky!