Trend Spot: Crafted Folk

24th June 2017

We feel very fortunate to have had intern Amy Cox with us for a couple of weeks here at Pink Sky. Amy is extremely proactive, with an excellent work ethic and is also hugely creative. Amy has just finished her second year of university and we asked her to create the first of our Pink Sky trend reports, on a theme of her choice. Amy chose 'Crafted Folk', a trend we are seeing in both fashion and interiors at the moment. 

Below is an extract of the report, which can be downloaded in full here.

Crafted Folk encapuslates both floral embroidery and flat design trends but with an Eastern European, fairytale twist. The patterns often include delicate plants and animals all based around a simple, rich colour palette. Crafted Folk has appeared in fashion, stationery and wallpapers, and continues to inspire, this season.

Folk art has traditionally incorporated everyday imagery, combining nature and utilitarian objects in bright, primitive colours and disproportionate sizing. For example you might find an enormous daisy next to a tiny horse, or a giant cat, the size of a house. Many famous artists have explored folk art within their work, including Pablo Picasso and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

It is very difficult to describe the origins of folk art of indeed what folk art ‘is’. It is based on the traditions and values of numerous cultures and varies throughout the ages and in different locations.

In this latest iteration, ‘crafted folk’, you can see influences drawn from Boho, canal boat art, the natural elements, fairytales, north and Eastern Europe, and bright colours.

Not only will you find patterned prints, but embroidery on clothing and shoes is in this season. Embroidery on cigarette cut jeans is a big fashion statement this season, combined with jackets, shirts, T-shirts and even bikinis with more of the same.

We have had great fun creating our own crafted folk patterns. Drawing inspiration from historical and cultural influences, what is in the shops and of course our own imaginations, we have created a couple of patterns for you to enjoy. In keeping with current trends, this is a modern take on a traditional art form.

We have chosen themes that could be used all year round, but we love the idea of using them on large garden cushions or in a ‘she shed’! Combine with some neutral coloured fabric and plants in tin buckets for your crafted folk look with a modern twist.

Where will the crafted folk trend go next? We predict that it will start to appear on dog collars and leads, phone and laptop cases, wash bags and formal handbags with a fun twist. You heard it first here!

With love from Pink Sky.

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