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The curious tales of the life and work of Pink Sky

Padstow Christmas Festival

8th December 2016

We're always looking to bring you not just the best fruit in season, but sometimes we also try to share something extra special, especially at times like Christmas.

Secret Supper Club

30th September 2016

Last Thursday we hosted a Secret Supper Club for bloggers, fruit suppliers, farmers and M&S buyers in celebration of the launch of the 2016 British apple and pear season.

Our Adventure With Pink Gooseberries

2nd August 2016

On Friday we were very lucky to promote and visit the farm where pink gooseberries are grown.

Vegfest London

19th November 2015

Adventures in Fruit took part in Vegfest London in October. We took with us a mountain of Turkish figs and met thousands of visitors at the event.

Apples And Pears Launch Event

15th November 2015

On Tuesday, 20 October we hosted an "Apples & Pears Evening Party" at the Apples & Pears Bar in London, the perfect setting to promote British farming at its best. The aim of the evening was to gather a room full of 'content sharers', who would take an active interest in the British apples and pears season and draw attention to it through various methods of journalism.