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The curious tales of the life and work of Pink Sky

COVID-19 Contingency Statement

21st March 2020

We're still here for you, just in a slightly different way...

Surviving Working From Home

25th March 2020

These are challenging times, and are such that most of us have never experienced before. If we're not careful it can be easy to feel that the future is bleak and that there is no end in sight. By making a few simple adjustments to our working routines, and by forming new habits, the new self-isolation and social-distancing measures can be things that not only do we learn to cope with, but also use to improve how we do things.

Design For A More Sustainable Future

23rd March 2020

At Pink Sky we are all very passionate about bringing change to design and packaging.

Coronavirus Business Trajectory

20th March 2020

We have put together this resource to help small businesses navigate what is undoubtedly a very unusual time.

An Interview With Rán Flygenring, Illustrator

17th March 2020

I spoke with Rán Flygenring, an illustrator from Reykjavik.

20 Top Places To Visit In Iceland

5th March 2020

I recently had the privilege of travelling to Iceland for a holiday, spending eight days marvelling at the wonders of nature and its capricious tendencies.