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Design that makes a difference…

Pink Sky is a graphic design and marketing agency in Cheltenham, known for our friendly, highly creative team and exceptional standards of design. The company was started by Naomi in 2009 and now has a global client base whilst still retaining its independent feel.

Our priority is ensuring our clients are provided with the beautifully designed resources they need to make their venture a success, so that they can concentrate on running their business. Our key values are creativity, quality, value, service, kindness, care, results, and excellence.

Our Ethos

“Serve one another, humbly, with great love”

This starts in the studio, extending to our clients.

Our Values

Creativity, quality, value, service, kindness, care, results, and excellence

Team Pink

Meet our rays of sunshine

Naomi Farmer

Managing Director

Hywel Jenkins

Operations Director

Hattie Peters


Erin Pask


Enikö Kiss-Major


Alex Kinnersley


Billy Whippet




We love to help

One of our key values is giving, and this is why we introduced "Good Sky Day" - to help do good things for others where we can.

Good Sky Day encourages staff to put aside their profit-making work on a Friday (where workload allows) to engage with tasks that must meet the following criteria. Staff must:

  1. Develop creative skills (or teach themselves new ones).
  2. Help someone, starting with what they have.
  3. Ultimately benefit the business (which will be a natural result of 1 and 2 if done properly).

Some amazing projects have come out of Good Sky Day, including The 100 Project (now a charity).

Good Sky Day Stories

Good causes we support