20% Day

Growing by giving

One of our key values is giving, and this is why we introduced “20% day” on a Friday. In business you have the privilege of making money and money can make a difference. Charities and non-profit organisations fill the gaps that public services cannot fill, and small businesses have the potential to become large businesses that offer employment and stability. There is simply not enough money in tax contributions to pay for the services that many of these organisations offer, but if we are smart in business we can use our resources to help and to make money. We see it as our responsibility, collectively, to make a difference in this area, no matter how small.

20% day encourages staff to put aside their profit-making work on a Friday (where workload allows) to engage within tasks that must meet the following criteria. Staff must:

1. Develop creative skills (or teach themselves new ones).
2. Help someone, starting with what they have.
3. Ultimately benefit the business (which will be a natural result of 1 and 2 if done properly).

Some amazing projects have come out of 20% day, including The 100 Project (now a charity) and the following case studies below.

Case Studies

Ride With Mike - Cheltenham to Malta

Branding Vision for Bangladesh

Filming with the James Hopkins Trust

Charities We Support

In addition to 20% day we are proud to support the following charities.