Lilian Faithfull Steam Train Trip

Remembering the railways together

When you pick up a magazine and every business of a similar nature is telling you that it is the best at what it does, who do you believe?

Lilian Faithfull Homes asked us to have a think about how we could create some ‘good press’ for them that would be engaging, useful, interesting and meaningful. Instead of paying for advertorial, we decided to work with the residents of Lilian Faithfull Homes to create their story. Lilian Faithfull houses many residents with dementia and works very hard to conduct activities that will stimulate memories and conversation.

We contacted the GWR and reserved two carriages on a beautiful steam train, and on a cold but beautiful January day, took thirteen residents and a group of carers on the steam train to Toddington, where we enjoyed cream teas before making the journey home. Many memories were stirred from times of travelling on, and even working on the trains and everyone had a really lovely day out. We took lots of beautiful photographs and wrote a press release, achieving a double-page spread in our local newspaper.

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