Inspired by a trip to the Bauhaus, where we saw a series of approximately eight or nine photographs of the hands of artists, we have devised a new photography project called “Handwerk” (which roughly translates as “craft”). We often take for granted the genius of hands and what they can do in the world of work and creativity, and we want to capture hands that ‘work’ in order to show the many different occupations and the diverse range of skills required to operate the world as we know it.

This project is to be shot entirely in black and white, in order not to detract from the hands. The identity is of course inspired by Bauhaus style, using the “H” and the “W” to form an icon. Starting the project in Paris, we shot a few different people going about their working day, adding a little background story to each. Currently the project is documented on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but who knows where it will end up?

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