Branding Vision for Bangladesh

15th February 2018

We have loved working on a new project this year for a brand new charity called Vision for Bangladesh.

This charity has been formed by Rachel Andrews, who has recently retired from her position of paediatric Ophthalmic Sister at West Suffolk Hospital's Eye Treatment Centre in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Working in Ophthalmology for 25 years gave her a real passion for this area of medicine and in 2006 this passion lead her to Moulvibazar Eye Hospital in Bangladesh with a team from the hospital.

"We just went out to help train the doctors and nurses, I didn't expect to fall in love with the country in the way that I did. I then continued to work with the hospital and have now been working voluntarily with them for 11 years. I love visiting every other year and the staff at the hospital have become my friends."

Moulvibazar Eye Hospital is dedicated to giving sight back to the blind through cataract operations for children and adults. The hospital is not government funded and operates through charitable giving. 

"I have been saddened while working with the hospital because some children who have been brought in needing sight saving operations have been turned away because they have no ability to contribute to the cost of their surgery."

Rachel has been raising money to help pay for eye surgery for poor children whose family can't afford it. Everyone who donates is helping to give the gift of sight to a child in need.

Her crowdfunding last year allowed her to create a supply of money that the hospital can access specifically for children who would otherwise be turned away because they cannot afford the surgery. Every penny will goes towards helping someone regain their sight.

"I would love to help the hospital reach a place where they never have to turn a patient away because of money."

At the end of 2017 Rachel (and her trusty trustees) turned her fundraising work into an official charity, and this generally means one thing to us - they need a logo and colour pallette!

We set to work on developing a logo and brand identity for this great new charity. Our brief was merely to consider the work this charity does and if possible include the colours on the national flag of Bangladesh for branding material.

We had a lot of fun with this project, using bright and bold colours and simple imagery to represent both the Bangladesh flag and vision. We had a fantastic student with us called George Adam, who was working on this project. I think we all agree that he has done a fantastic job. 

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