Picota Jerte

Running the UK promotion for the Spanish Picota cherry 

The Spanish Picota cherry has a very special story. Protected by European Designation of Origin, this cherry can only be grown in the Jerte Valley region of Extremadura in Spain. The cherries completely cover the mountains, growing in terraced ‘gardens’, each belonging to families in the region. In cherry season families come together to pick their cherries and they are delivered to a series of local depots, where each grower has a unique barcode to calculate how much they should be paid according to the weight of the cherries. The cherries are then delivered to a co-operative where they are graded, washed, and packed for the different markets. Picota cherries are sold in all major UK supermarkets except Waitrose and M&S for six weeks each summer, when they are in season. They are also sold throughout Europe.

For two years we at Pink Sky ran the UK-wide promotional campaign for Picota cherries, working alongside supermarkets and suppliers to promote the cherries in creative ways. Methods of promotion included branding the campaign, designing and building a website, shows, working with schools, designing games, in-store promotions, online and magazine promotions, working with bloggers, developing recipes, running competitions, social media, making an animation and a video, working with a chef, sampling events and charitable partnership.

Our videos 

Picota Jerte at Cancer Research UK Race for Life from Pink Sky on Vimeo.

The Journey of Picota from Pink Sky on Vimeo.

BritMums Live 2014 from Pink Sky on Vimeo.

The Picotas are here! from Pink Sky on Vimeo.

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