Market Research For Mangoes

What do customers look for when they buy mangoes in the UK?

Univeg is a major supplier of mangoes to M&S. They felt they would like a greater understanding of what consumers are essentially looking for when buying mangoes in the UK.

There are a couple of varieties that are supplied by Univeg, which look very similar, and a key objective of the company was to be able to pinpoint what consumers wanted so that this could be communicated to growers.

We were contacted by Univeg to put together a proposal on how the objectives could be achieved. Our proposal consisted of:

  • Sampling of mango varieties using a specifically design questionnaire - gaining at least 300 respondents
  • Social media posts before and during the research to draw attention to the research
  • Photos and video
  • A comprehensive written report that can be show to clients and growers

Univeg was happy to sign off the proposal and we agreed to complete the research within two weeks. We then got in contact with over 300 respondents and met with them to sample both varieties and complete the questionnaire of the aspects we had agreed with Univeg that we were to look for. Sampling the Kent mango and the Keitt mango blind, was a really interesting experiment. They look very similar, but the taste is different. With little varietal knowledge present amongst UK consumers, we wanted to find out whether people knew what they were buying. We also presented mangoes with varying levels of skin blush to see which ones people naturally gravitated towards. 

We produced a comprehensive written report of our findings, complete with suggestions and a proposal for the way forward. 

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