Market Research For Fruit

Assessing consumer behaviour versus product mix

Our client is a major supplier of fruit to M&S. It supplies both the mainstream retail stores and also the four types of M&S franchise stores across the UK. Our client felt it had a good understanding of the mainstream retail customers. However, it was not so confident that it knew enough about the franchise customers in terms of their requirements for fruit and their decision tree in stores.

The supplier was applying the same strategy to its franchise stores as the mainstream stores, but felt that by not understanding the franchise customers it was missing an opportunity to amend its strategy in this area and, therefore, missing out on the opportunity to increase sales in this area and amend its strategy. 

Pink Sky was approached by the supplier to undertake a large market research project with the primary objective of understanding who the franchise customers were, what their decision tree was in store, and what offering they would prefer for the range of fruit the company supplied. This research was to be broken down per franchise channel. We worked closely with the supplier to understand fully the objectives and the detailed requirements of the market research.

We selected a market research strategy that utilised both qualitative and quantitative methods, based on consumer insight and observation. This approach was then agreed with our client ahead of the start of the research. The market research was undertaken over a period of one month and over 40 hours of consumer observation and contact was performed in over 12 store locations across the country.

The results showed there were opportunities to change aspects of the marketing mix to create a strategy specific for franchise stores with the aim of increasing the sales of the fruit our client supplied. We supplied our client with a detailed report outlining all results and providing full analysis and recommendations.

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