Market Research For Cherries

Looking at consumer perception and buying habits

JO Sims is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh fruit and are particularly known for its expertise in the fresh cherry market. The company felt it required a more in-depth understanding of consumer opinion regarding cherry preferences, packaging preferences and also a better general understanding of what would prompt a purchase of cherries in the supermarket over other fresh produce.

The Sales Director at JO Sims contacted us to look at conducting market research on fresh cherry lines. The primary aim for them was to focus on understanding consumer preferences, in particular on cherry type, packaging type and packaging size. After working closely with JO Sims, we decided on a number of approaches designed to elicit the information required. The objectives of the market research were broad and so we had the opportunity to employ a number of research methodologies to deliver meaningful results that would enable the research objectives to be fulfilled. Our strategy was:

  • Three in-depth targeted focus groups - each one consisting of a different demographic
  • Store research - to be conducted in 10 major M&S stores, consisting of observation and 60 individual consumer interviews
  • Online survey with 100 respondents

The market research was completed within two weeks and provided a considerable amount of measurable information. This information was carefully dissected and analysed and a comprehensive written report was produced. The analysis of the results included detailed recommendations and opportunities, all presented within a marketing mix format.

We supplied a full written report along with a video and photography of the focus groups and some consumer interviews.

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