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Flavorking At BBC Good Food Eat Well

6th May 2015

We were fortunate enough to be working on behalf of the growers of Flavorking to promote their plums at the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show in recent months. This was a project that we turned around extremely quickly and we had a fantastic time at what was a truly brilliant show.

All Aboard For Memory Lane!

20th January 2015

For anyone who has ever had to live with the horror that is dementia or Alzheimer's with a family member, you will know how deeply distressing it is as an illness. Whilst there is information out there relating to what dementia is, there is precious little that can prepare you for what it will be like, what course it will take and how to support someone living with it.

Pink Sky Wins Contract With Marks & Spencer

22nd April 2014

We are delighted to announce that Pink Sky has been invited to work with Marks & Spencer on a major food project. With a focus on maximising sales and enhancing consumer engagement within a vital category for the business, Pink Sky will be looking at the way packaging works to improve presentation, product hierarchy and product segmentation.

Introduciendo A Amaia!

15th April 2014

Hi! My name is Amaia, I have just joined the Pink Sky team, I will work and learn with them for the next three months. I am very happy and excited for the great experience that awaits me during this time.