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Westminster Theological Centre launch new prospectus designed by Pink Sky

We were approached by the Westminster Theological Centre and asked to design them a prospectus for their 2011 candidates.  They wanted something that didn’t scream ‘tradition’ without compromising the nature of their subject.

There were a number of factors for consideration here.

  1. What would people expect to see if they want to study Theology?
  2. We had to consider the context for delivery. Would this stand out amongst Christian literature?
  3. How can we make it different and exciting?

We decided to combine illustration and line drawing with bold colours and photography, in order to give an exciting edge to the design and to make it stand out from a lot of Christian literature, which is largely comprised of inspirational photographs.  The approach usually, with Christian materials is to represent God photographically through His creation, as it is rather difficult to photograph Him in person or in Spirit!  We wanted to edge away from this approach and settle upon something ‘creative’ rather than ‘creational’ to represent that God’s creative spirit exists within His people, who build amazing buildings, like to draw pictures and love colour.  Or perhaps we just thought it looked nice, I am not quite sure!?

Here are some mobile phone shots, so forgive the bad quality! We will have it photographed properly soon!

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