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Brand Development For Nini Flowers

11th December 2017

Pink Sky loves working with Nini Flowers in Kenya, which is made up of Nini and Lamorna rose farms, near Naivasha. A number of years ago we branded Lamorna and Nini, working around a rose design that was split across the two identities in vibrant, clashing colours.

5 Common Mistakes Found When Proofreading

4th December 2017

Anyone who's worked with me knows two things:  1. I'm a detail person 2. I'm loyal to Twitter. 

25 Christmas Gifts To Buy A Graphic Designer

1st December 2017

We designers are like magpies when it comes to pretty things and clever gadgets. Do you have a designer in your life for whom you need to buy a Christmas gift? Let us help! We have rounded up 25 of the best Christmas gifts that we could find for designers, to help you on your way. 

Besana Launches Dried Fruit And Nut Range On Amazon

26th November 2017

We have recently been working with dried fruit and nut producer Besana, designing packaging and labelling for their brand new range on Amazon, which launched last week. With 43 product lines, Pink Sky worked closely with Besana in both the UK and in Italy to produce labels that would stand out online and on shelf. 

Market Insights: We Are Not Ready

23rd November 2017

The industrial revolution took 100 years, but now, thanks to technology, it seems like there is a new revolution every five minutes. The change happens, but the working out of its implications and possibilities still takes far longer.

Kiwi Berry Promotion For Nergi And M&S

15th November 2017

Fruit seems to always be at the centre at Pink Sky and our most recent promotional weekend was no different. The fruit in the limelight this time was kiwi berries.

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